Pattern Design

Mariseva - Life to Rescue

I teamed up with Finnish dog gear designer and maker Mariseva to design the Life to Rescue products.
We have a mutual love for dogs and specifically rescue dogs and wanted to design a product that can contribute to animal welfare work. Each month, 10% of the profit from Life to Rescue products will be donated to associations that work with animal welfare.




A collection of different rabbit breeds illustration.



Digitally sketched botanical patterns in two different colors, featuring different dogbreeds as well as other animals. Personal project.


Black & white doodles

A personal project, fun and simple plant based black and white pattern originally illustrated with markers and then digitalized for various products.




Ancient dogs

Patterns featuring different dog breeds, inspired by old artforms such as ancient greek geometric art and african mud cloth art.


Boho pattern

A light and dark boheme pattern design as well as versions featuring different dog breeds and other animals.


Logo Designs

Other projects

Lights out

Lights out is an art book by Jasmiina MUA, made in collaboration with several photographers with different styles and experience in the field. The book is the result of many different artistic people working together.

My role in the project was bringing together all  artistic input and creating a design for the book that works as a whole as well as executing the layout and working with the printing company.